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Works List

This plugin gets modified for every client who uses it – because everyone wants to display their creations in a different way! Versions have included simple text lists, complex tables, and graphical display.

The basis of the plugin is a new section in WordPress called Works. Every time you create a new piece or project you want to include in your site, you create a new Work document. Fill in the title and add any text or media you want to display, like you would in any post or page. The Work template though also includes a number of fields for recording things like the year of composition, forces written for, first performance details – even an option for withdrawing a piece from the catalogue and recording the date of withdrawal. These options are customised to the client although we have plans for one day making a version where options can simply be selected from a settings panel.

But the real joy of this plugin? Automation. Add a new piece and see it instantly appear in all the appropriate lists in your site – automatically create not only a complete list of works, but lists by genre or list everything for violin, or list them by date.


  • custom Work post type
  • custom fields for a range of additional information to display in work lists or on the individual work page
  • custom taxonomies available to categorise by Genre and/or Instrumentation
  • automate lists of works – just add a new work, categorise it and see it appear in lists by genre, by instrumentation, by date or other options.

Version 1.0