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Easy Media Button

Inserting media from sites such as Soundcloud, Vimeo and YouTube is actually pretty easy in WordPress – just paste in the address of the page and it’ll embed the media for you. But what happens on mobile? The embed doesn’t scale! So then you’re facing pasting code into the dreaded Text view in WordPress, which for non-native-HTML-speakers can be a daunting task. If something goes wrong, how do you fix it?

Enter Easy Media Button, which is a plugin which creates a set of simple shortcodes to make adding your media embeds super-easy (it’ll even understand the shortcodes you used over at wordpress.com which aren’t normally interpreted by a standalone install of WP). To add new media, simply click a button when you’re working in a page, paste in the address of the page of the media you want to embed and if it recognises the service (Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo are currently supported) it’ll generate the appropriate code! If it doesn’t it’ll say so and not place anything in the page, so it’s clear to you that you’ll need to tell us about a new media service. We try to keep on top of the latest and greatest services, but everything moves so fast…


  • Simple embed method for media on Soundcloud, Vimeo and YouTube
  • Create flexible-width embeds that will resize with your viewer’s browser (appropriate for mobile display without horizontal scrolling, for example)
  • Interprets existing shortcodes imported from a wordpress.com site into a standalone WordPress install.