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Updating your homepage gallery

Your website includes a button which will produce the necessary code to turn images attached to your homepage into a small gallery.

The button looks like this:

Simple gallery button

When you want to add images to your homepage, add them all together in a row (no spaces between) using WordPress’ Upload/Insert button – either uploading or pulling them from the Media Library. Then select the row of images and click the button – this will insert a couple of shortcodes at the beginning and end of the row, which will create some code to surround the images, creating the correct formatting.

You may want to consider various options for where to link the images – you could link them, as with a normal gallery, to the full-size version of the image, or to the image’s page – or you could link them to a related content page – the production homepage, say, for a production still – or even have no link at all. What you link them to will depend on what your purpose for adding them is – on where you want to direct your visitors.