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Google Analytics

As part of your site development, you have been given Administrator access to view your site’s statistics on Google Analytics.

About Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool which tracks how visitors use your site. The data it tracks is anonymous but can provide information such as:

  • how many visits a page receives
  • what countries your visitors are coming from
  • what browser your visitors are using – and whether it’s a desktop browser or they’re visiting from a mobile device
  • how your visitors behave on your site – are they viewing a single article and leaving, or moving around the site?

This information can help you to adjust your site to ensure the greatest possible impact for your goals. We will be developing training material on this site to help you make the most of Analytics, but in the meantime please just ask about anything you’d like to know.

Accessing Google Analytics

The URL for Google Analytics is:


You will need your Google/Gmail login to access your statistics. If you haven’t used Analytics before, you may need to register for access – follow the prompts to do this, and once you’ve completed the registration process and are logged in, you should see your site’s stats in the Dashboard.