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Add-on services

The following services are add-ons for existing clients. If you’d like to know more or order something, just get in touch!

Prices are in GBP(£) and AUD($). If you need a conversion to a different currency, please ask us.


Back up your website automatically to our fast and secure Amazon S3 servers. Backups will happen weekly, or more often if you update content more than once a week and you can trigger a new backup whenever you need to to, say, prepare for a system upgrade.

Only £12/$18 a year.

System maintenance

Keep your system running smoothly and ensure the latest improvements to stability and security to your system are applied.

WordPress releases regular updates to their software to correct bugs and security flaws, as well as introducing new features to the system. Plugins and themes (site designs) are also regularly updated. Updates should happen at least twice a year and your system should always be backed up before running a system update.

We offer a regular update service for clients which includes:

  • regular backups to our fast and secure Amazon S3 server
  • monthly checks of your site for available updates
  • regular updates as needed to the WordPress system software, plugins and themes.

With the monthly check, we will also look over the site for any problems. Usually these will be corrected as part of the service, but anything requiring a significant amount of time may need to have additional work discussed.

£30/$55 per year

* It is entirely possible for you to do all updates yourself. This service is offered, however, for clients who are too busy to do it themselves or worried about something going wrong. If you’re not sure, read our blog post On not freaking out when updating WordPress to find out what you’ll need to do it yourself.