Raspberry Blue

T.ArT Productions

Screenshot: T.ArT Productions

T.ArT Productions is a new company specialising in producing new music theatre works. As a new company, they were keen to get a website up and running as fast as possible. In addition to the creation of the new website, they also needed help creating a logo, a colour palette to be created, and an email template for newsletters.

The website uses WordPress to keep costs down by allowing the client to make updates themselves. Due to the short deadline and a desire to keep the cost low, we decided that the best approach was to find a suitable free theme and modify it. The theme devised is therefore based on Jim Barraud’s Manifest theme, which fitted the client’s desire for a simple design.

Changes from the original theme included:

  • Insertion of logo instead of text heading
  • Adjusting of colour palette to introduce the newly developed brand colours of the company
  • Creation of functions, added to the interface as buttons for easy use by the client, to create automatic lists of child pages, create  highlight styling and produce a styled version of the logotype, including the special dot symbol, italicisation and green colour. The creation of an interface button for this means the client doesn’t have to manually style the logotype each time it’s typed, and there’s no chance of an error, such as picking the wrong green, or using a full-stop instead of the dot.
  • Creation of a special page template for use on the Project pages, which automatically includes a submenu of child/sibling pages under the page title.

The logo was based on a doodle created by the client, which I scanned and pulled into Illustrator. There I cleaned up the lines and laid out the logo, based on rough sketches by the client.