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Royal Bank of Scotland: RBS Marketplace

Screenshot: Royal Bank of Scotland: RBS Marketplace

  • Client: LBi
  • Completed: September 2007

This navigation was developed for the RBSMarketplace client-only website. It was a very complex navigation to build, involving three levels of horizontal navigation (two of which included two different types of link per nav item), plus an additional two levels of vertical navigation, all controlled by Javascript and CSS. While I aimed for maximum accessibility for the navigation as a whole, the fact that it was to be implemented into a CMS-driven system by the client themselves, meant that to achieve this recommendations had to be made to the client on how to implement the navigation within the site.

As the final site is password-protected and for clients of the Royal Bank of Scotland only, it’s not possible to link to the live implementation.

Key features:

  • Works in IE 7 & 6 (with appropriate adjustments), Firefox on Windows and Mac, Safari and Opera
  • 5 levels of navigation: 3 horizontal, 2 vertical
  • Second-level navigation is embedded within first level, third level sits underneath (horizontal), fourth and fifth drop down from the third
  • First level tabs when not selected have a textured background (faint grey stripes at an angle on white) while maintaining flexibility of width
  • Fourth/fifth level flyout has rounded lower corners and a drop shadow.