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Rights People

Screenshot: Rights People

Site templates were coded up to the PSD designs for homepage, author listing page and one- and two-column content pages, ready for import into WordPress

Key features:

  • Tested to work in IE 6 & 7, Firefox on Mac and PC and Safari for Mac
  • All pages of the site needed to include a header, content space, sidebar and footer, although some pages broke the boundaries of this layout or added other elements
  • The main part of the site floated over a semi-transparent layer, which in turn floated over a patterned background with a gradient overlay. In addition, each layer had rounded corners and a semi-transparent drop-shadow, necessitating the use of PNG files and corresponding CSS alterations to accommodate IE6
  • Classes and IDs had to be carefully considered so that the cascade could be used to best effect rather than requiring the client to hand-code in these attributes themselves at the point of adding content to the site via the WordPress interface.