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Lloyds TSB: LTSB Mobile Internet Banking website

Screenshot: Lloyds TSB: LTSB Mobile Internet Banking website

  • Client: LBi
  • Completed: September 2010

As part of a larger Lloyds TSB project at LBi, I was one of three developers chosen to work on the LTSB mobile website. We coded a simplified version of the desktop Internet Banking website, designed for ease and speed of use with optimised code and images and a minimised feature set.

As part of the lead-up to this project, I completed the W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices online course.

  • Secure mobile website
  • Lightweight code and images
  • Tested on (and fully functional in) a range of phones, from an original Motorola RAZR, through recent mid-range handsets by Nokia and Samsung, to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.