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Finding your own path

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Jonathan Fields interviews Ann Rea for Good Life Project

Video still: Jonathan Fields interviews Ann Rea for Good Life Project

As you possibly know, I am deeply fascinated by the ways that artists of all sorts are making their way in the world – not following traditional paths, but by coming up with crazy ideas and following them through. ‘Arts Marketing’ shouldn’t be a depressing concept, but a chance to take our creativity into areas that will help us be creative in our primary channel too.

I occasionally watch episodes from Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project series, and today’s episode, with painter Ann Rea, struck me in particular. Possibly it’s because to a certain extent her story mirrors my own – early training, followed by ‘sensible’, unrelated jobs, ultimately resulting in pulling her away from her art, and then a rediscovery that what she wanted to do was what she needed to do, for her own health and sanity. The way she did it too, rejecting the traditional visual-arts gallery model, is very interesting indeed. She came up with ideas, sought out people to work with and made her own business model, which appears to be working very well for her!

The video is 40 minutes long, but I think it’s an interesting 40 minutes. It’s certainly given me a few ideas and started me thinking about how I need to be carrying on work now to ensure that I can keep composing once my degree finishes next September. I hope you’ll find it just as inspiring!

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